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Canada Construction Contractors Inc. benefit program promotes health and wellness, enabling our employees to live their best and give their best; both at work and in their daily lives. Our goal is to provide meaningful and useful benefits to our employees and their families. Canada Construction Contractors Inc. Compensation Program has been designed to be internally equitable, externally competitive, personally motivating and performance based.
Salaries that are competitive in today’s marketplace. Every new employee receives a minimum of two weeks vacation to start, with personal days permitted when needed.


Mentorship is essential for the success in our company. Whether the mentorship program is formal or informal, employees can benefit from this type of workplace relationship. Effective corporate-mentoring programs focus on objectives such as increasing employee productivity and engagement, retaining talent and succession planning.


Being part of the student Co-Op experience at Canada Construction Contractors Inc. is all about hands on learning, mentoring by professionals and being an active member of a real team project.

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